A proposal is a huge step for a couple.

No one wants the proposal to be some weird fucked up random shit like the dudes who put the ring in the wine glass and wait for the lady to finish the wine and find it. C’mon, try to be a little bit romantic man…If a guy proposed to me like that I’d be so mortified.

Many ladies dream of a grand proposal moment. It doesn’t have to be showstopping, but it needs to be at least special and romantic. And gents, please, make sure our nails are well manicured before you propose.

Lucky for us, Kenyans, we live in a country that has so many scenic and beautiful spots to propose. Depending on your budget, you can pick even the most the grand plans such as a helicopter ride to Lake Alice in Mount Kenya to pop the question. If you don't have that top dollar, that's fine too...no need to splurge. Get creative!

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One such gentleman, Duncan Daniels, decided to propose to his girlfriend at Giraffe Center, Nairobi. The Giraffe Center team set up a table for them, some flowers, champagne and of course Betty the giraffe and her friends were in the background to make the moment extra special and magical.

When they call it magical Kenya, they mean it.

Here are the oh so cute proposal photos:

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