A Kenyan girl explains why she's not celebrating Valentine's Day this year

It’s overrated

Black woman (Image does not represent person in the story - Image courtesy Black enterprise)

I know the heading reads ‘this year’ but in fact, it should be every year. Guys, you have been doing the same old stuff year in year out to mark this highly commercialized day and for what, a few kisses in return? SMH. I am not celebrating Valentine’s Day because I don’t believe in it and some may say I’m just 'hating because I don’t have a date' or some other Facebook commenter mentality reason but that's not the reason(I actually have enough offers, just so you know). Anyway, here is why I'm not celebrating Valentine's Day.

1. First of all, I’ll repeat. It’s overrated AF.

I’m the kind of lover that wants that different kind of love - think Ciara and Russell. Roses and dinner just don’t cut it.

2. Do we need one day to prove our love?

For strong couples, love is an everyday thing. Gifts, dinners and vacations are a norm. You don’t need one day out of 365 days to do these things. Some of you cannot relate! Well, that’s how it should be, but who am I to tell you not to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

3. You will save a lot of money because everything on Valentine’s Day is overpriced.

4. Not forgetting that getting a table reservation will be a nightmare.

5. And if you do get one, the restaurants will be crowded AF. Urgh, tragic!

Also, chances are, service will be terrible and you will not get value for your money. But go ahead, make that reservation, don't go to flex your Twitter fingers complaining about bad service like I didn't go out of my way to warn you!

6. Imagine wearing red head-to-toe on a random weekday because you’re celebrating some weird day? A whole adult with 32 teeth?

7. Honestly, some of us are too busy making money to think about unimportant things like Valentine’s Day.

Na hii serikali ya Ouru? Ati money for Valentine’s? We are busy saving up for those plots Maina Kageni advertises.

8. You don’t have to succumb to the Valentine’s pressure and keep up with the Joneses.

If you don’t have money, you’re happy on your own lane and you can watch from the sidelines as other couples overspend and waste their time and money for nothing.

9. It’s going to be on a Thursday...

and to be quite honest, some of us cannot think of a better thing to do than watch our favorite show, eat then sleep. Dare I mention that I'm not ready to go through the tasking process of shaving my vagina, just for some n*gga to come and give me mediocre Valentine's Day strokes. So, no thanks!


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