7 things you should know before moving in with bae

Are you ready for it?

It’s such a commendable progress and a sign that your relationship is headed somewhere. However, in as much as you cannot wait to move in with your partner, you need to be prepared for it.

Here are some things you need to know before moving in together:

1. You will have to compromise

Relationships are all about making compromises and you will have to do it more if you are planning to move in with your fiancé. You may have to change your eating habits, sleeping hours and the programs you watch for the sake of your partner.

2. Rules

You may not need to write down any rules but you need to come up with the rules of the house. This way, it will be easier for both of you to avoid disagreements. Simple things such as clearing the table after meals may seem very mundane but can stir up everything. Make it clear on who should clear the table, where to put the dirty shoes and such.

3. Freedom

You were used to your freedom but now it will be limited after moving in. You cannot go wherever you want and whatever time you feel like once you move in with your partner. So if you are the partying type, you may have to work on that unless your partner has no problem with it.

4. You will discover hidden sides

We all have some hidden side that may not be revealed unless you are living with someone. So, be sure that you are ready to have some of your dark sides exposed. If you are the lazy type, clumsy, pathetic cook, or snore when sleeping, your partner will soon know it.

5. The money talk

Most people shy away from discussing money issues in relationships. But if you are planning to move in, this is a must. You have to lay everything on the table, know how much you both need and decide on who pays for what bills.

6. Make a breakup plan

No one wants to talk of breaking up. But life happens and you can never be sure of whether you will be together for life. So, make a plan and agree on what to do and how to share whatever you have in case you ever break up.

7. You will step on each other’s toe

You may both feel like you are too much in love to ever fight. But now that you will be living under the same roof, you are more likely to have differences. So be prepared for ugly scenes and learn how to solve your disagreements before you make the major step.


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