7 unmistakable signs that your man is a mama's boy

Watch out for these signs ladies

However, it reaches a point and you want to make your own decisions and lead and independent life. Nevertheless, some men remain closely attached to their mothers to an extent that it affects their spouses.

While being a mama’s boy is not really a bad thing, it can be irritating especially if everything rotates around his mother.

Here are sure signs to tell if your man is a mama’s boy:

1. He compares your cooking

If he is always comparing your cooking skills to those of her mother, he is definitely a mama’s boy. These men believe that no one else can cook better than their moms and it’s annoying.

2. He never defends you

3. He consults her before every decision

Whether he wants to move to a new town, further his studies or change careers, a mama’s boy will always consult his mother before making the decision.

4. She visits unannounced

If her mother shows up to your place unexpectedly because she thinks she has the rights to visit her son anytime, he must be a mama’s boy.

5. She does everything for him

His mom does his laundry, packs his lunch and gets him ready for work. He is all grown but can’t even help with the dishes or cooking because his mum does it all for him.

6. He lives with her

Most men move out to lead their own lives when they become adults. A mama’s boy will however choose to stick around her mom and moving out is not even one of his plans.

7. Reports everything to her

Unless it’s really bad, your relationship fights should remain between the two of you. If he is the kind that reports everything to her mother soliciting for sympathy and support, he needs some growing.


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