When you and bae have been together for a while, and you live together or hangout at each other’s for lengthy periods of time, then you’re likely to wind yourselves up.

Couples who have been together for long breed a familiarity that leads the stupidest battles.

Here are some of the weirdest fights long term couples get into.

Complaining about bae’s chewing

Husband and wife are eating supper.

Wife: Must you chew so loud?

Husband: *chews even louder*

Fighting over left overs

Husband when leaving work, texts wife: I hope that pilau and avocado is still there.

Wife: *blue ticks*

Husband: Babe, is the food still there?

Wife: *blue ticks*

Husband gets home.

Wife is in kitchen throwing away avocado peels.

Dish duty

Husband: Whose turn is it to do dishes?

Wife: *leaves house*

Toilet Paper

Husband puts in new roll of toilet paper.

Wife: It’s supposed to go over. *changes it*.

Husband uses loo.

Wife goes to use loo.

Toilet paper is going under.

Picking a restaurant

Husband: Where do you want to meet for lunch?

Wife: I don't know. You pick.

Husband: I am not going through this again.

Wife: Ok, anywhere where they serve pizzas.

Husband: I don’t want pizza.

Wife logic

Husband: Whatever I did to make you mad, I’m sorry.

Wife: How can you be sorry if you don’t know what you did?

Left out

Wife puts in new movie. Husband settles in.

*Ominous music*

Wife: Ooh, watch this. It’s the best part.

Husband: You watched this without me!

Bad jokes

Husband: Baby.

Wife: Yes.

Husband: A sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Guess what the bartender said.

Wife: I don’t know.

Husband: We don’t serve any food here. *bursts out laughing*.

Wife: Get out! *secretly hates herself for wanting to laugh*