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Subtle signs that a woman likes you more than a friend

Are we together guys?

You can be just friends with a girl and it’s completely okay. But what if the girl likes you more than a friend? This might actually be a good thing especially if you also like the girl but you have not mustered the courage to tell her about it.

Watch out for these subtle signs that might indicate that a girl likes you not just as a friend, but more than a friend:

1. She remembers your special days


Maybe you just told her your birthdate once. But she has never forgotten about it and actually went a step further to surprise you with a customized leather wallet. You think that could be plain friendship? No. Pay more attention and you will realize that it’s more than that.

2. She is always there for you

You don’t even have to ask her to come to your rescue. She knows when you need help and she will gladly give it. Even if it’s just listening to you rant and comforting you in difficult moments.

3. She texts you and responds to your messages


You don’t have to be the first one to text her because she enjoys the chat. And we are not talking about those one-word responses. Her text messages are also filled with heart and winky emojis.

4. She gives you hints

When a girl likes you, she might feel shy to tell you upfront. Because she wants you to make the first move, she will hint to you through body language and it’s upon you to take action if you also like her. The way she looks at you, for instance, can tell if a girl likes you.

5. She makes an excuse to talk to you or see you


She will make a call pretending to ask for some help while in real sense, she just wants to hear your voice. Or she might come knocking on your door to borrow something she does not even need.

6. She is touchy

If she makes the first move to touch you even if it’s a hug, she likes you more than a friend. Girls only get touchy with guys they like.


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