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Warning signs you are dating a needy man

Find out if your man is one of them

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Most are the times you will hear men complain of how needy women are. Even so, men can also get annoyingly needy. It’s even worse because men have always been perceived as a stronger and more independent gender.

Find out if your man is needy from the signs below:

1. He’s faster than the lightning


We’ve all met such men. You meet today and tomorrow they are already asking you to be their girlfriend. One week later, they want to introduce you to their family. Two months later, they are already proposing. This, my friend, is a dangerously needy man.

2. He doesn’t give you your ‘alone time’

Even when you are very tired and all you want is to lay down for the entire weekend, he will insist on coming over. Don’t be duped to believe that he is being sweet. No, he is being needy.

3. Calls and texts all-day


He knows that you are both at work but he texts every minute and asks what you are doing. If you delay responding, he gets mad. Only a needy man will behave this way.

4. You can’t even have a girls’ night out in peace

He will keep on calling and if you don’t pick, he will call your girlfriends. This is not just about being needy but being insecure as well.

5. He needs to be reassured 10 times


When you say you love him, he won’t take it unless you repeat it over and over again. You have to keep on reminding him that your feelings are real. If you don’t, he will start complaining and asking you to prove your feelings.

6. He doesn’t have any close friends

He could have a few acquaintances but doesn’t have close buddies to go for a drink with. That’s why he is always insisting to be with you because you are the only close person he got.


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