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Signs a man truly loves you in a long-distance relationship

Long distance relationships are quite challenging

Long distance relationships

Love is a beautiful thing. But, with love comes hurdles that the lovebirds must overcome.

Take for example long-distance relationships. You hardly see this person yet you have to keep your love on fire. You don’t know what they are doing when you are not there or the kind of people they spend their time with. Yet you have to trust them and believe everything they say. Not easy, right? When they say they love you on phone, you again have to believe that they really do love you. But how can you know whether what they are saying is true? That for a fact, they love you truly?

Relationship expert Mat Boggs recently shared some insights on how you can know that a man loves you in a long-distance relationship. Check out the signs below to know if he means it or it’s just another guy wasting your time:

1. He shares his fun moments with you


The fact that you are far from each other doesn’t prevent him from sharing his best moments with you. Whether he is going swimming, hiking or having a party with friends, he will take photos and videos to make sure you are part of it. He could also video call you to show you what’s happening so that you are not left out even if you are far.

2. He has plans for you to be together

When you talk, does your guy tell you that he is planning on how you two can live closer to each other? That shows that he loves and will have either of you move just so that you can spend more time with each other.


3. He is consistent in his communication

According to Mathew Boggs, if you talk or text every night without deviating, that’s a sign of love.

“If you are gonna deviate from that plan, that’s when he calls you and says “hey, I can’t call you tonight. I am at this conference and it get really late but I will text you first thing in the morning’ A sign that he loves you is that you have that priority in his life. That every single day, that’s the routine. That he is making the effort every day to reach out to you” advises Mat Boggs.

4. He is part of your daily life


Even though you are apart, this man knows everything going on in your life. He knows who is visiting you, when you have an important meeting, or, an interview that’s making you nervous. He will then make an effort to call you before that exam you are having and after, just to know how it went down.

5. He makes sure you meet people close to him when you meet

Mat says that if a man makes sure you meet and hang out with his close friends and family when you meet, then it’s a sign that he loves you.


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