Clever questions to ask on a first date

You need to know your date better


People have dated robbers, drug dealers, and wanted criminals without knowing it. Before you start something serious with a person, you will need to know them well enough.

If you are keen, you will spot some red flags as early as the moment you go for the first date. But you will not know much if you do not ask questions.

These clever questions will be a great way to know your date much better:

1. What do you do for a living?

If by the time you are going for the first date you still do not know what the person does, make sure you ask them. It will help you decide if you want someone in their line of career. Just don’t go into details such as their salary.

2. What’s your ideal day like?

You will know when they wake up, what they do after work and so forth. You will also understand their schedule just in case you have to arrange for another date.

3. What exactly are you looking for in a relationship?

I know this might seem like a controversial one but it’s really necessary. You need to know early enough what you are getting yourself into. Do they want something serious or is it just friends with benefits? You might assume that the person wants something serious yet all they want is some good time.

4. What’s the best day of your life so far?

This will get them into thinking which is not a bad thing anyway. But the best thing about this question is that it takes them back to their best memories and it will help you know some of the things that your date values most.

5. Where do you call home?

Someone might have grown up in the streets or the children’s home but they still have that one place that they consider as their home.

6. Who are the most special people in your life?

This is where you learn whether someone has a kid without needing to ask directly. Although some people will still lie anyway. 

7. What’s the one achievement you are so proud of?

We all got achievements that we feel so fond of even though they are not as big. If someone says they have no achievement, it’s upon you to decide if you need such a person in your life.


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