Two people who are in love fight over the pettiest of things. And while fights are part of every relationship, an immature relationship has too many of them.

Luckily, if your relationship has these signs, congratulations! You are finally in a mature relationship and are headed somewhere:

1. You rarely fight

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If you have reached to a point where you don’t fight over everything and anything, your relationship is mature. It shows that you agree more than you disagree which a good thing.

2. Your communication is great

Remember those days when you would just use silence as a weapon against your partner? Or when your partner could get mad at you but remain silent instead of telling you about it? If you are past that and you have a candid conversation with your partner, that’s a very good sign. Communication is everything in a relationship.

3. You have productive arguments

Couple arguing

If your arguments result in another argument and the cycle keeps on repeating itself, you are far away from being mature. Or maybe, you are just a wrong match. A healthy argument is supposed to be productive. In that, you both come to an agreement that is for the good of your relationship.

4. You still talk even after fighting

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Do you stay for days without talking just because you fought with your partner? A mature couple will fight, solve their differences and life will go on as usual. Actually, their intimacy goes back to normal almost immediately after the fight.

5. You let bygones be bygones

A mature couple doesn’t keep a record of all the wrongs their partner has ever committed. Even when fighting, they don’t bring up matters of the past.

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6. You understand your partner has a life of their own

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As such, you don’t have to keep in touch 24/7. Neither do you have to keep on pestering them with text messages when they are hanging out with their friends or family.