7 signs you are ready to get married

It’s just about time

Wedding(Estilo Photography)

When to get married is something you will have to agree on with your partner. And while you may set a date on when to get married, you should also be watching out for signs that show you are ready to tie the knot.

If you are familiar with these signs, there is no doubt that you are very ready to get married:

1. You talk about sex openly

Sex conversations can be very weird and uncomfortable. Even so, if you are in a serious relationship, you should be having them with your partner. If you can freely talk about your sexual needs and expectations with your partner, then you are ready for marriage.

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2. The money factor

Money is such an important factor in marriage and is a major source of conflict. But if you have no problem discussing money problems with your partner now, it’s a good sign of being prepared for marriage.

3. You have actually talked about getting married

Wanting to marry your partner is one thing while both of you talking about it is another. If you both have expressed the desire to commit your lives to each other, you are certainly ready for marriage.

4. You work out your issues

What do you do when your relationship hits a rock? Do you just pack your bags and go? Not at all. If you are willing to stay when things are heated up and all you want is to solve your problems and put the past behind you, that’s a good sign.

5. You stopped the search long ago

Seriously, if you are in a relationship and still have the Tinder app on your phone, you are still not decided. However, if you feel content and no longer flirt with other people, good thing.

6. You are yourself around each other

If you no longer have to fake your laughter just to make your partner happy, it means both of you have accepted each other.

7. You call them first

Anytime you have an emergency or good news to share, your partner is the first person you call. In fact, your mom or best friend comes second. 


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