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5 signs you are sexually frustrated

And you probably need to get laid

Unhappy couple in bed(jivenaija)

Do you feel like you are tired of trying and have given up with getting laid? You are probably sexually frustrated. Sexual frustration happens even when you are still having sex with your partner but your needs are not being met. Maybe because your partner’s is not doing their best, or your libido is way higher than theirs. Sexual frustrations also occur if one partner reaches orgasm too quickly leaving the other wanting more.

Whatever the case, you need to know the signs of sexual frustrations so that you know how to deal with them. Here are some telltale signs:

1. You would rather not do it


You know so well but you want it so bad. But still, you choose not to have it and opt for other hobbies rather than having a good time with your partner. And all this is because you somehow are sure that even if you have sex, your needs won’t be met.

2. Masturbation feels like a great idea

It’s quite common to please yourself when you are on a dry spell but it’s a different thing to do while you are in a relationship. If you enjoy masturbating more than actual sex, it means you have not been having good enough sex.

3. You are horny all the time


If you are in a relationship but you are always horny, you no doubt are having sexual frustration. If only you were sexually satisfied, you could not be horny all the time.

4. Highly irritable

Do small things piss you? When you are sexually frustrated, your emotions are also affected and you may even get irritable for no good reason.

5. You have sex fantasies


Everyone fantasizes about sex at times. But if you are fantasizing all day or having sexual dreams every night, it’s because you are not getting what you want sexually.


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