Foolproof signs that you should never get married

Marriage si ya kila mtu

Wedding(Ebony Magazine)

Marriage is not meant for everyone. And it is okay to remain single if it’s clearly not your thing.

It is a lifetime choice for you to make and you, therefore, must choose wisely. In case you are not yet certain of whether you want to get married or not, we’ll try to make it easier for you in this article.

We have listed some telltale signs that show you should not bother to get married because it is not your thing:

1. You don’t believe in marriage

Whatever you believe about marriage really determines where you fall. If you don’t believe in the institution and don’t think it can work, there is no need to get involved in something you don’t subscribe to.

2. Monogamy scares you

You know yourself better than anyone else. Do you mind seeing the same face every morning when you wake up? Or does the whole idea scare you because monogamy is not your thing? If so, then marriage is not for you.

3. You are already married to your passion

How badly are you attached to your passion? If it’s all you want to pursue and you have no time for other things in your life, then you are better off without a life partner. Marriage is about sacrifice and you might even have to sacrifice time from your passion to make your marriage work.

4. You have never wanted to get married

For some reasons, some people never dream of being married. If it is not something you have ever desired, it’ probably not your thing.

5. Independence really matters

Independence is great even for married couples. All the same, most of the things you will do in marriage will depend on certain things and you must both come to an agreement. If you loathe the idea of having to consult someone before making a choice, marriage is not for you.

6. You love yourself than anything on anyone else in the world

Don’t get me wrong, self-love is very important. But marriage needs you to be selfless for it to work. If everything has to rotate around you and all that matters is you and all you do, try something else but not marriage.

7. You don’t like settling

Would you rather spend your savings for a wedding, raising up kids or traveling and having fun? If you are for the latter, marriage will hardly work for you unless your partner is for the same idea.


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