6 signs your relationship expectations are too high

You are too picky

Relationship expectations(theindependentghana)

Whether you are in a relationship already or are single and ready to mingle, you must have expectations and standards. Else, you will settle for whatever comes your way because you do not know what you want.

On the other hand, if your expectations are way too high, then you might end up single forever or never find happiness in your relationship. Below are some clear signs that your expectations are way too high:

1. No one has ever met your expectations

If you have dated several people but none of them has ever met or even gotten close to your expectation, you might be the problem. Chances are that your expectations were too high and no one could meet them.

2. You have a long list of deal breakers

You should have them yes but not in pages! If you can’t stand little flaws in other people, you must be chasing perfection which you are never gonna find. You must learn to accept others’ flaws seeing we are all imperfect.

3. You idolize celebrities

Having a celebrity crush is one thing and idolizing them is another. If you find yourself comparing the person you are dating with a certain celebrity and expect them to be like so, you have a big problem.

4. You turn down every date

Not like you should be saying yes to every date request but you should not be turning down every offer. Sometimes you might be surprised at how well you would blend with a person if you take some time to know them more.

5. You worry so much about the date before you even go

It’s normal to feel anxious when going for a date. But if you already feel that it’s gonna suck before you even go, the problem is likely to be your expectations. Sometimes you just need to go there with an open mind and let nature take its course.

6. You pick so much on their flaws but not virtues

Do you find yourself complaining of all the negative aspects of your partner or date rather than appreciating their good side? You need to lower your dating standards. 


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