Signs your relationship won't last long

Watch out for the red signs

Angry couple(Ebony Magazine)

So, you met this cutie, liked each other and after a few dates you now think they can make a good partner? Good for you but not too first. Not until you have weighed your options and watched out for any red flags. You can’t afford another heartbreak yet, can you?

Open your third eye and if you see these signs, then it’s a warning that your relationship won’t last long. And there is no need investing in something that won’t last anyway.

1. Constant fighting

A little fighting is actually healthy for the relationship. It lets you see the true colors of your partner at their worst. Constant fights are another thing altogether and it shows that your differences outweigh your similarities. This means you will always disagree in the future and the relationship is not going to last.

2. One of you is still stuck to their ex

If one of you is still stuck to their ex, your relationship has no future. Or, you still need time to get over your ex.  If your partner keeps on talking about their ex or getting involved with them, it means their heart is still there. This is a big red flag you should always watch out for at the early stages of a relationship.

3. You still don’t know what you are

If your partner is not ready to answer the ‘what are we’ question, you have a reason to be very worried. If you have dated for some time and it’s still not clear whether you are friends with benefits or you are into something serious, it’s time you get some answers. And if you can’t, flee as soon as now as it’s not gonna last.

4. You are not comfortable with each other

If one of you or both of you have to act when around each other, your relationship has no future. In a genuine relationship, both parties are real with each other and are not afraid that their partners will judge them.

5. The kids’ issue

You want a kid but your partner doesn’t. It’s clear that you want different things and this issue will always rise no matter how much you avoid it.

6. Secrets

Although there are secrets you should never share with anyone, there are things you must open up to your partner for a healthy relationship. If you are smoke or have some addiction, your partner should know. If you are hiding something from your partner, think of what will happen if the truth is unveiled one day.


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