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5 ways to flirt with a man on a date

Are you a flirt?


Okay, ladies and gents, let’s talk about dates. I love it when a date goes well, you know? You are both laughing, the conversation is banging and you feel like you have known each other for a really long time. Those are the best kind of dates. Not the ones where there’s a lot of awkward silence, the conversation is going nowhere, you’re both bored and you genuinely feel like leaving. But, let’s not digress from the topic, which is how to flirt with a man during a date. I mean, there’s no harm in that. You like the guy, and you want him to know that. A little flirting never hurt anyone. That being said, here are ways to flirt with a man while on a date.

1. Touch him.

Obviously, not in the balls and inner thighs hehe, that sends a whole different message. More like a little bit on his hand, knee, lean on his shoulder a little bit “Oh my God, you’re so funny *gently slap his knee*”. The good thing with initiating touch from the get go is so that it’s not so awkward if you’re going to kiss in the end. You can’t go from 0-100 all of a sudden.

2. Take a sip of your drink.


Especially if there’s a straw. It can be quite seductive to sip a drink. It engages your lips and draws attention to them and at the same time, if you look away while doing that, it gives him time to look and admire you and well, that’s his chance to really look at you and get attracted, plus, wish he was that straw 😊

3. Glance at his lips.

Not in a creepy way, ladies; take a moment to look at his eyes then slowly go down to his lips and back at his eyes. That moment becomes a very seductive moment, even if you’re doing it unconsciously.

4. The cute act.


Let’s be honest, when someone is being cute and adorable, you just want to grab, hug and kiss them. Pick a moment, say when the guy says a cute meanie comment and you could for instance pretend to be mad, like a toddler or something cute and adorable.

5. Break the ice with something funny or interesting.

You could tell them your favorite joke, or give them a genuine compliment. This will set the ball rolling and avoid that awkward first date silence.


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