If you are on Instagram you need to make a religious stop at Tedd Josiah’s profile every single day.

His posts will give you life and bring light to any darkness that could be engulfing your life.

The popular music producer is documenting the journey of raising up his adorable daughter - Jameela - and all the photos and videos whispers to the world that lïfe is beautiful.

Gummy bear, as he fondly refers to the little girl is funny, beautiful, smiley, adorable, lovely and did I say beautiful. Yes, she is all that and more.

Tedd started documenting his journey of raising up Jay after the tragic death of his wife Regina Katar.

As he was trying to get out of the darkest pit life had thrown him into, Tedd decided to bring light and joy in other people’s world by sharing the smile and laughter of his little princess.

In a candid interview with , Tedd discloses that together with Regina they had planned to reveal Jay to the world at the right time, but fate had it otherwise.

”We had planned Jay from before she was conceived and we said at the right time we will reveal her. But God took mummy before she could. When mommy left I had to pick from where she left off and also let people into our lives to know the pain of loss, the joy of babies and the fact that yes a man can be a mother,” he says.

Life never prepared Tedd to be a mother to Jay but from the posts he shares, you would think he was born ready.

He disclosed to us some of the struggles he has been facing.

"Most people assume aunties and ladies come to help you but in our case it’s been the two of us and a nanny who comes only when I have to leave the house for work. But leaves as soon as I am in," he said.

Why Instagram?

Tedd chose to tell Jay’s story through Instagram because he believes it is a baby friendly platform.

“Babies don’t do well with long things and I didn’t have also have the luxury of time. Between washing Jay, feeding her and all, IG was the best route for our video and picture journey,” he said.

So far Tedd seems to be bringing light and joy to his 39.7K followers, who have the delight of witnessing the lovely father-daughter relationship they are building.

And theirs is a one of a kind

Here are some photos that will give you life: