7 things you should never do in front of your kid

You will ruin their lives

Parents arguing(Best Life)

You are the first teacher of your kids before they even go to school. Kids know that their parents are always right and will most likely emulate whatever you do.

And in as much as parenthood is an exciting journey, you will have to abandon some old behaviors for the sake of your children. Or at least do them when the kids are away if you must.

Here are some of the things that you should avoid doing in the presence of your child:

1. Smoking

You know that smoking is dangerous for your health. But if you already chose that path for yourself, then do it far away from your children. Second-hand smoke puts the health of your child at risk.

2. Cursing

All those cursing words that you since adopted as your pet words are not the best for your kids. Before you know it, your kid will be cursing around while playing with other kids thinking it’s all funny. Plus you don’t want your kid cursing in front of other adults.

3. Getting drunk

This is a no brainer. If you come home staggering, you know the kind of picture you are painting to your kid. How else could you teach them to be responsible if you can’t control your drinking?

4. Being violent

Feel like punching your partner? Hold on a little bit, your kid does not need to see that side of you. Keep your fights between yourselves and even though you have to argue, do it when the kids are away.

5. Too much time on screen or phone

In this era, you can hardly resist the urge to keep scrolling your smart gadget to see what’s trending on Twitter and the latest updates on Instagram. But your kid needs attention and if you are ever on your phone, they will feel neglected. Plus you do not want them to adopt a culture where all they do is play with the tablet all day.

6. Talking negatively about others

Whether it’s about your partner, your kid’s teacher or someone who pissed you, never talk ill of them in front of your kid.

7. Lies

Finally, never lie in front of your kid. Kids are very smart nowadays and they can easily embarrass you if you lie and they know it.


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