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Tricks to make a man have a mind-blowing orgasm

You only live once

male orgasm(bigeye)

When was the last time you read about male orgasm? People mostly talk and write about female orgasm yet male orgasm is equally important. Normally, people experience it differently. And today’s orgasm could be better than yesterday’s depending on different things.

For better and intense orgasms for men, these tips could be helpful:

1. Massage the perineum


No? Just try it first before saying no. It could be your gateway to multiple orgasms. Yes, men can experience multiple orgasms too. Have your partner massage the perineum, which is the area between your balls and the butt. This area is filled with nerve endings and applying some pressure on it leads to intense sexual pleasure. This is because you can also stimulate the prostate gland while massaging the perineum.

2. Stimulate the prostate

If you are the adventurous type, the prostate glands can help you achieve mind-blowing orgasms. This can be done by massaging the perineum area. If you are comfortable, you can allow your partner to slide their lubricated finger in your butt for like two inches and stimulate your prostate area.

3. Change your diet


Diet has more power on your sex life than you thought. Eat poorly and you will be poor in bed. Eat healthily and you will have the best of sex moments with your partner. Eat foods that promote the dilation of blood vessels such as spinach. Eggs are also rich in vitamin B which relieves stress and improves libido. Better libido means better sex and better orgasm.

4. Hold it back

Delayed gratification is always sweeter when it finally happens. When you are just about to orgasm, hold it back. This is something you will have to master with time. But when you learn to hold back and resume after a short while, you will experience a more intense orgasm.

5. Be open to new ideas


YOLO! Try out new styles, sex toys, and different environments and learn what’s best for you. There are male sex toys to increase the pleasure and even keep you erect for longer. Be spontaneous, have quickies in the weirdest of places and also experiment on your own. You will never know what’s really pleasurable for you unless you give it a try.


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