Old is gold. Some names never lose taste no matter how old they are. And the best thing about these names is that they have not been overused. That means the chances of finding kids with the same names as your kid will be quite low as compared to some common modern names.

Baby sleeping

So, if you are looking for uniqueness, the go vintage. There are so many old names but we have selected some of which are still cute and fashionable. Check them out:


Pretty baby girl(Beautiful)

1. Cleo

2. Lorna

3. Geneva

4. Adelia

5. Ethel

6. Elma

7. Ella

8. Lottie

9. Della

10. Sadie

11. Eleanor

12. Gabriella

13. Aurellia


Sleeping baby(Wonderopolis)

1. Leon

2. Ernest

3. Lester

4. Louis

5. Edgar

6. Lloyd

7. Floyd

8. Clyde

9. Harvey

10. Milton

11. Sebastian

12. Ray

13. Lemuel

14. Lowell