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5 most annoying Kenyan wedding committee habits

Kenyan wedding committees can be the worst sometimes - SMH!

The meeting goes on well and the family can officially start planning for the wedding. As you might have expected there’s going to be a wedding committee – oh boy.

If you’ve ever been in a wedding committee then you know how frustrating they can get. The different opinions flying around to the arguments – it’s a lot.

You will always do everything for your loved ones including dealing with annoying wedding committee members and their shenanigans.


Here are the 5 most annoying Kenyan wedding committee habits.

1.Annoying Whatsapp groups

Kenyans have really bad Whatsapp group habits. Over sharing pictures and constantly sending long videos that take up all your bundles.

A wedding committee Whatsapp group is no different. People suddenly want to test out their comedic skills in there then the fact that no one ever seems to agree on anything.



“The money is not enough” The money is too much!” “We have to have chicken at the reception”

3.Being invited by someone you haven’t spoken to in years

For all those people out there that call up someone they haven’t seen in years to shamelessly invite them to their wedding committee, there’s just one thing to say to you all – ya’ll got balls.

First of all, it’s just wrong and honestly very awkward because if that person says no then they’ll be looking like a bad person and if that person says yes then now they’re stuck spending money on people that don’t really matter to them – no offense.


4.No transparency whatsoever

You know when the spokesperson in the committee tells you that the couple has a certain amount of money and you need to contribute another certain amount and you know full well that the couple doesn’t have that money and you’re basically there to contribute towards the entire budget.

5.The amount you contribute

If you remove too little and you’re the baller of the family, you’re being stingy and if you remove ‘a lot’ of money then the vultures come at you full force.

You can never win.


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