Ways to ask for wedding contributions without being annoying

Loved ones are always willing to help but don't push them too far.

From the awkward moment you have to ask for 20 bob to finish paying for your milk because you accidentally carried 40 bob only to asking someone to assist in paying for your wedding. Whatever the case, it never gets easier.

Speaking of wedding contributions, if you've ever been in a situation where you've been asked to contribute to someone's wedding then you know how frustrating it can get when you want to do everything for your loved one but they're also trying your patience with some of the demands they have.

For anyone out there that wants to get married or is about to get married and is having a hard time with financing their weddings, here are some ways you can ask for money without being a nag.

1.Do not ask strangers to contribute to your wedding

Asking strangers for money for your wedding just plain wrong. For instance people that would ask their friends to ask their friends to help out in financing their weddings.

You don’t know the person like that and they haven’t impacted your life in any way but you still have the guts to ask them to ‘toa kitu kidogo’ towards something private like your wedding ceremony – not cool.

Not only does this put a bad taste in their mouths but you will always be known as that person that asked a stranger for money for your wedding.

2.Don’t set unachievable budgets for your wedding committee if you have one

Don’t set unachievable budgets for your wedding committee or anyone who you have asked to contribute towards your wedding.

Beggars shall not be choosers and whatever that person gives to your wedding, you need to be grateful.

For instance don’t ask your bridesmaids to specifically buy shoes from a certain store that only you can afford. Unless you have some kind of deal there and they can comfortable add some extra cash on top then it can be considerable.

3.Speaking of budgets, don’t set a budget that you know you can’t achieve yourself

The budget does not only apply to your wedding party but to you as well.

For instance don’t invite five hundred people to your wedding (this caters for Facebook invites as well) when you know your pocket can only allow you to invite two hundred.

4.Ask early enough

Don’t surprise your family or friends with a Whatsapp message of how you’re getting married in a month and how the dowry payment is in two weeks.

Prepare them months before so that they can get their finances together.


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