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Wedding traditions you don’t have to follow on your big day

Some traditions are outdated

Wedding day tips (WeddingWire)

A wedding, in most cases, usually happens only once in a lifetime. It’s one of those few days that you will want to always remember as the happiest day of your life. I mean, this is the day you officially say ‘yes’ to your spouse and it’s the beginning of a new life with your favorite person. By all means, this day needs to be nothing but the best.

Talking of making your wedding day the best, you don’t have to conform to traditions you are not comfortable with for the sake of it. This is your day and you get to do what is best for you and what makes you happy. It’s your special day and in as much as you should be considerate about your guests, you shouldn’t feel obliged to do certain things.

For instance, you might feel that some traditions are way too outdated. You can go on and skip them.

Some of the wedding traditions you don’t have to follow and it’s totally okay include:


1. You must wear a white wedding gown

If it does make you happy, go for it. But if you want something different, you can rock a black dress or whatever color you prefer for your wedding.

2. The bride has to be ‘given away’

Usually, the bride’s father or a close relative leads them down the aisle. But what if you do not have parents or a close relative whom you’d wish to walk with you on your wedding day? Well, this is just a tradition and if you wish, you can walk yourself.


3. Tossing your bouquet

People believe that the maid who gets hold of the bouquet is next in line to get married. While this may be a fun thing to do, it’s a tradition you can skip if you don’t believe in it.

4. Matching the bridesmaid's dresses


Not every style will suit everyone’s body type. The colors too don’t have to be exactly the same. Just make it clear on the length of the dresses or give a palette from which your maids can choose from.

5. Having a bride’s and groom’s side

All your guests are there to celebrate both of you. Have the sits arranged in a circular way such that there’s no side for specific people.

6. Having only two wedding colors


You can have as many colors as you want. As we said, this is your day. If you feel like three or four colors are better, go for that.

7. Matching your wedding rings

You are going to be wearing these rings for the rest of your lives. Plus, you both might prefer something different. So, why not choose a ring you love rather than having to wear one you dislike just because the rings must match? To coordinate your rings, you can engrave the wedding date, initials, or a code you both value and the meaning is only known to both of you.


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