Ways to trim your wedding budget and still enjoy your wedding

A few tips and tricks on how to make a wedding budget and stick to it.

No need to give up just yet because there are a few ways to trim down that hefty budget and still enjoy your big day.

1.Rent a wedding dress

Instead of spending thousands of shillings on a wedding dress, how about renting it. You’re probably not going to wear it after that big day anyway.

2.Have a small bridal party

The decision to have a small bridal party can be a tough one especially if you have a big family but it is also not an impossible decision to make.

This will drastically help you cut on your spending especially if you are the one catering for their wedding outfits and help you focus your money on other things.

3.Have your wedding on a weekday

Majority of people are usually at work or busy during the weekdays so they may end up maybe showing up to the ceremony but miss out on the reception which means more money saved.

Selfish? Maybe but hey if you want to save some coins on that reception then this could be an option for you.

Plus you do have to consider the extra money you might end up paying if the budget you gave to the caterers gets done.

4.Have an invite only wedding

This is another way to make sure that you don’t drastically go over your wedding budget. Invite only weddings can help do that.

Another bonus is to avoid having family members manning the gate to the reception because they can easily be persuaded to let your cousin’s cousin from their mother’s side crash your wedding.

5.Ask your family and friends for certain help

Ask to use their cars, for example, for your wedding convoy other than renting cars. If some of them have connections in the flower industry then you can ask them to get you a discount or get a good price for you when it comes to flowers. If they own a photography company, they could help you with a family discount.

Maximize on what your family and friends can help you out with and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bout money.

6.Go to the AGs office then have your white wedding later on

If your financial situation just doesn’t add up at the time you want to get married the AGs office is always open. A lot of people may not opt for this maybe because of religious reasons but it can be something to look into if you want to get married so badly.

You can then have your white wedding after you’ve gotten a bit more stable. There’s no rush into getting married though.


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