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What do men look for in side chicks?

The following are reasons men have side chicks

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When examining the reasons why men might seek out 'side chicks' or engage in extramarital affairs, it is essential to approach the topic with sensitivity and recognise that individual motivations can vary greatly.

While it is important to avoid generalisations, it is possible to identify some common factors that might contribute to this behaviour.

Understanding these motivations can shed light on the complex dynamics of relationships and offer insights into why some men may choose to pursue relationships outside their primary partnership.


Men often claim that having a side chick provides them with peace of mind when confronted about their actions.

This notion is often perpetuated from one generation to the next. However, what if partners focused on resolving their problems to prevent such situations?

The aforementioned statement suggests that men find solace in extramarital affairs because they perceive them as a source of tranquillity or emotional respite.

This belief might be influenced by societal norms, personal experiences, or misguided advice passed down through generations.


However, it is crucial to recognise that seeking a side chick is not a healthy or constructive way to address relationship issues.

Instead of resorting to infidelity, partners should strive to resolve their problems through open communication, understanding, and compromise.

By actively working together, they can create an environment where both individuals feel heard, supported, and valued.


Men sometimes turn to have side chicks when they feel sexually deprived, stemming from their wives withholding intimacy due to various reasons.

It is essential to acknowledge that both partners contribute to overall sexual satisfaction within a relationship.

However, when one partner consistently denies or neglects the other's sexual needs, it can create significant strain and frustration.


It is true that some men may be attracted to side chicks based on their physical appearance and how they dress, which can contribute to their sexual desire.

Some men who have side chicks may claim that they maintain multiple relationships as a way to have a backup option in case they get dumped.

This perspective suggests that these men view their side chicks as a form of insurance or emotional safety net to protect themselves from potential rejection or loss.

By having multiple girls in their lives, they believe they have a fallback option to turn to if their primary relationship ends.


Some men, feeling neglected by their wives, may choose to pursue side chicks who provide them with the attention they desire.

In this context, men may feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled in their primary relationship due to a perceived lack of attention from their wives.

This can stem from various factors such as busy schedules, emotional distance, or differing priorities.


As a result, they may seek companionship and validation from side chicks who are willing to give them the attention and affection they crave.

Some men, perceiving their wives as boring, may seek out young and energetic girls who share their level of vitality to engage in fun activities together.

In this context, men may feel that their wives lack excitement or fail to align with their desired level of energy and adventure.


They may believe that younger individuals possess a liveliness and zest for life that can rejuvenate their own sense of enjoyment.

Consequently, they may be drawn to seeking companionship with younger girls who exhibit similar levels of vitality.


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