The truth that nobody tells you about losing your virginity

It's not what you think

Sad woman (Parents Africa)

People who have already lost their virginity will tell you that it’s probably not what they expected. Some wish that they could have known better before they did it. this is because nobody tells you these things. In most cases, you figure them out yourself. Or maybe just believe what you see in the movies – which of course is a lot more exaggerated.

For instance, below are some truths one needs to know about losing their virginity:

1. You might think sex is overrated

You might not be able to enjoy sex to the maximum when you lose your virginity. This leaves you wondering why everyone hypes it yet you didn’t even enjoy it.

2. The boner may not cooperate

Boners don’t always cooperate and it can be frustrating for your first experience. What you should know is that it’s okay if you have erection problems at first.

3. Bleeding is not a must

So you have heard that you are going to soak the sheets with blood on that very day. Well, the truth is that you might or might not bleed. It’s okay both ways. You might just bleed a little but there are also rare cases where some girls bleed more.

4. Guys can come really quick

This is the first time you are doing it and you might be too anxious or overly excited. If you finish the game pretty fast, it’s okay. You can please your partner in other ways.

5. The pain won’t kill you

Maybe you imagine it’s the kind of pain that women experience in the labor room. Well, it’s nothing close to it. Some women actually just feel some sort of discomfort and others feel some pain that is bearable.

6. You can change your mind

Just because you have set your mind and made plans to do it on a specific day doesn’t mean you can’t change your mind. Your readiness matters and you shouldn’t feel pressured to do it.

7. Things can get weird

After losing your virginity, things can get really weird. First, you might feel some sort of regret and your partner can behave in an awkward way. Some men draw further while some draw closer after that. Just be ready to handle what follows.

8. The orgasm shouldn’t be your main goal

In movies, you see a girl having sex for the first time and things get steamier until they orgasm. Well, this hardly happens on the first day. You will be feeling some pain or discomfort and it’s unlikely that you will get to the point of orgasming.

9. Lube and foreplay can make things easier

One of the reasons most women experience so much pain is because they are not well relaxed and aroused. Foreplay and some lube can make the experience less painful.

10. You need to plan

With all the amazing sex stories you hear from your friends, you may forget to plan yourself. Losing your virginity is just one thing but falling pregnant and getting infected with STDs is not laughable. Safe sex! Safe sex!


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