What nobody tells you about s3x after childbirth

Your libido might go MIA

Sex changes after childbirth  [guardian]

They will tell you how joyous you will feel for bringing a life to this world. How you might have troubles lactating and how the infant will be crying all night long. All this is true.

But, but, nobody wants to tell you about postpartum sex. Well, some of the things are not so good which may be why people avoid talking about them. But you deserve to know what to expect. At least that way, you will know how to get ready for them. Right?

Truth is, your sex life changes a little bit and you might experience these changes:

1. Your libido might go down

Don’t worry, this is not always so for everyone. But for some women, their sexual urge goes down for some time. Hormonal fluctuations may affect your sex drive but it should go back to normal after a while.

2. You might want more sex

Don’t be surprised if you find that you want more sex than before. It’s normal and you are still the same person. Only that childbirth comes with some changes that are inevitable.

3. Your esteem could ruin your sex life

Some women feel less sexy after giving birth. You know with the baby weight, stitches down there and breastfeeding. If you let these things affect your confidence, it may create problems in the bedroom.

4. Sex might hurt

Even after the recommended six weeks, you might feel some discomfort during sex. There might be some changes in natural lubrication and you might need to use lube. You could also try using your fingers or a small sex toy before intercourse.

5. Your vajayjay may actually become tighter

Contrary to the popular belief that the vagina will be loose after birth, it’s not always so for everyone. For some women, it becomes tighter which is another reason to use lube.

6. Your breast might leak during sex

As weird as it sounds, it’s normal. And now that you are both parents, it shouldn’t feel gross when milk accidentally spills over your partner during sex.

7. You won’t have sex as much as before

Actually, you might have to schedule for it. Babies are so needy that you will spend most of the time looking after them and maybe lulling them to sleep. Plus, sometimes you will be too tired to even think about sex.


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