Little things you can do to make your man feel loved

Men want some love and attention too…

Men are also considered to be less complicated as compared to women and that is probably why majority of them come out as simplistic in the ways they lead their lives.

So it would only make sense that making them happy should not be that much of a struggle.

Here are some little simple things that you can do for men to make them feel loved.

1.Compliment him

A simple ‘you look really good today’ can go a long way for men. And don’t wait too long to compliment him either.

If you think he looked good or did something that you really liked then let him know right there and then.

2.Maximize on intimacy

Tease your man by having a boudoir shoot done and surprise him with a calendar or book of the photos.

Wine and dine your man for one night. They will appreciate the effort and you can get to seal the deal at the end of the night.

3.Stop spending so much time on your phone

You can take that selfie later on. When you are with your man, put your phone aside and give your man all the attention that they need.

Your phone will always be there but you cannot get that time back with your man.

4.Respect his alone time

Some women are guilty of always being up in their man’s business and a lot of times it can be unintentional.

You might think that you are just caring for him and looking out for him, which is not bad, but it can be a bit too much sometimes.

So once in a while, back off and let him have his time working or going out with his friends.

5.Buy him gifts

When he buys for you gifts, make a point of getting gifts for him as well.

6.Cook for him

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

And if you do not know how to cook then at least make a point of learning one recipe and make it for him one night.

He will appreciate the effort.

7.Do the things that he likes to do

Go out of your comfort zone and go for that hike or learn how to play his favorite play station game.

It adds up to your bonding time with your man and will make them feel good that you are taking interest in what they want to do.


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