Why women cheat on men that do not help with house work

Men,your relationships could be in trouble because of this


But rarely do you hear that a woman cheated on their significant other because their partner does not help with house work.

Surprisingly, this reason can actually contribute to a woman’s unfaithfulness.

Apparently, women get annoyed by their partner’s lack of involvement in household chores and it has also become a major cause of arguments in relation to unequal division of labor within their households.

It actually is one of the most common causes of fights in marriages.

Gleedon, a site for married and unfaithful people, conducted a survey to determine why women tend to cheat on their male partners and what factors are the most frustrating for them in their relationships.

The study found that more than 70% of the 10,000 participants in the study, were driven to infidelity because they lost any desire for their significant others due to their ‘domestic laziness’.

It should be noted that the study was not meant to justify infidelity but simply to assess the patterns of infidelity.


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