Why I stopped faking orgasms

It’s heartbreaking.


So why would a woman fake an orgasm?

I can tell you for a fact it’s not because I liked it.

In fact, no woman wants to keep saying oh in a wanton manner while some mindless dude gets it on.

We do it for various reasons: The earlier he thinks he’s got you sorted the faster he can let go and you can ditch, to protect his feelings if he’s a really nice guy and so many other things.

However, it’s not worth it.

As an advocate for equality of the sexes (don’t mind my pun) I am a firm believer that women don’t orgasm enough these days. It’s almost being accepted as a norm as unspoken as it is.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are three reasons why;

1. You block intimacy

Sex is a major way to communicate with your partner and faking orgasms makes it difficult to connect. Here he is thinking he’s been giving you orgasms all through until the one day that you explode out of sexual frustration and dissatisfaction. It will come up as a surprise and while you try to explain it, chances are the long period you waited will leave him at a loss of what to do.

2. You forget what you like

Personally, I started judging sex from performance instead of the end result and what it made me feel. So instead of getting the feels for how your body is reacting to the sex, you get content by what he’s feeling. A total disservice to yourself.

3. You degrade the aspect of being woman

Porn will have you thinking that there is a particular way to which a woman should behave and we should during sex. We all know it’s acted out and often represents women made for a man’s pleasure. This is a lie, science will have you know that unlike men, the female body is way more sensitive and prone to orgasms than the male body. It’s all about the act.

4. You give your guy the wrong idea

Making him think that he’s 'sexing' you right when he isn’t making a clear path for your life long journey of an unsatisfactory sex life. I mean, what’s the need to change if she likes it right?

5. It makes orgasms the end goal

Kind of kicking myself here but hey, wouldn’t you rather it is mutual for the two of you? While sex is great when it is a thorough shag and climax, there is more to it than just a physical connection. When one party is not getting their end of the bargain, the rest of it just doesn’t work.

There are so many ways to get yourself out of this rut. Talk to him about it, try out new positions and most importantly show him what works for you without being mean about it.

Have you ever faked an orgasm?


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