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Ladies beware! Here are 10 manipulative things Team Mafisi say to get laid

Avoid the heartache.

She’s just my baby mama, we’re not together.

Yup, here are some of the lies women have fallen victim of.

1. You are so rare, I have never met a girl so intelligent and focused.

It’s a golden rule that you should date a guy that acknowledges your intelligence, the guys know this. Trust it to be the first sentence you’ll hear once you identify yourself and what you do.


2. I’m a great cook, I should make you lunch someday.

Of course, you were going to say no to dinner but how will you accuse such an innocent invite to lunch? Again the guys know this.

3. I respect women and I think they should be treated as equals to men.

Baby girl, a man who does feels no need to point it out so bluntly. In fact, you’ll notice it before they even have to claim it.

4. I’ll make you my wife one day.


Dreamy isn’t it? But no man, however successful or mentally centered, will make such a declaration within the first ten minutes of your date.

5. I have never clicked with anyone so nicely as I have with you.

Be real, have a conversation with a well-mannered person and you’ll definitely click. Having mutual interest for Game of thrones doesn’t indicate a deeper connection. It’s just preference!

6. She’s just my baby mama, we’re not together.

That’s until he isn’t picking up your calls and starts posting pictures of her and their baby right after a hot session at yours the night before.


7. I’d love for you to meet my mom one day.

It’s goes unsaid but definitely known that every woman’s first true fear is her mother in law. A man that believes he’s mother would love you is a big deal and men know this.

8. I love you

Three little words with so much impact. Social media will have you believe that they don’t mean much anymore but the truth is, a lot of women bank their relationships on it.

9. I’m usually afraid to say it because I don’t want to be taken advantage of but I’m really rich.


Classic, isn’t it? Financial stability in a man is a great determinant of just how far a woman would be willing to take a relationship. It is also one of the easiest ways to get laid.

10. I’ve been hurt before, I’m afraid you’ll hurt me too.

Who doesn’t want to be the savior in the story? This is the kind of toxic mush that gets women stuck in ‘situationships’ where they are not sure whether they are dating or really tight friends who are having lots of sex.


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