How to spot a Nairobian in Mombasa

Ever wondered whether a Mombasa local can tell if you are from Nairobi?

Here are some tell-tale signs of how to spot a Nairobian in Mombasa.

Taking selfies every second they get

Nairobians will want to capture every moment of their time in Mombasa. You can spot these people easily at places such as Nyali mall, on the ferry and famous monumental sites like Fort Jesus.

The one that can’t handle the heat - they are always sweating

Nairobians are not used to the heat of Mombasa so it is very easy for the locals to spot them by simply noticing how they are drenched in sweat.

Once they arrive at the hotel, they are quick to wipe their faces down with the hand towels they are given.

They do not go anywhere without a hand towel or handkerchief in hand to help them out with the heat.

An added bonus is when they arrive at the hotel and down the cold welcome passion juice as if their life depended on it.

Their clothing

Mombasa locals are able to single out a Nairobian in Mombasa by the way they dress.

Their outfits are usually incomplete without a hat, sunglasses, camera around their neck and a water bottle in hand everywhere they go.

Some of them do not know how to obey the weather and opt for heavy clothing like wearing a hoodie and closed shoes.

Swahili accent

Nairobians are easily spotted in Mombasa thanks to the fake Swahili accent they try to put on in a bid to fit in.

At the beach

They will make a conscious effort through social media to make sure you know they are at the beach. From carrying shells around for souvenirs to screaming whenever the waves from the ocean come too close to them. You may also spot them at almost every beach party at the coast.

Buying a bag full of mabuyu for their fellow Nairobians

If you spot someone buying a lot of mabuyu at the market, then they may be a Nairobian. You find them buying over 20 packets for their friends back at home.


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