List of cute baby names that mean 'strong'

You sure will want a cute and unique name for your baby.

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And yes, the meaning of the name really matters as well. And the uniqueness and cuteness of the name shouldn’t make you forget about the meaning. If the three of them can go together, the better.

No human wants to be associated with weakness. And apparently, your name can end up forming part of your character. So if you want to raise a strong girl or boy, you should probably start by giving them a name that means ‘strong’ or ‘powerful’.

We hope this list of cute baby names meaning ‘strong’ will help you pick a good name for you little one:

Baby boy names and meanings

Liam – strong willed warrior

Angus – unique strength

Zale – power of the sea

Callan – rock/battle

Everett – wild boar/strong

Ethan – strong

Maximus (Max) – strong

Jedrek – manly/strong

Remo – the strong one

Kalmin – manly and strong

Griffin – strong lord

Denzel – powerful

Valerio – strength

Leonardo – brave lion

Kwan – strong

Jerry – brave spearman

Baby girl names and meanings

Adira – strong

Valencia – brave and strong

Briana – strong, virtuous and honorable

Trudy – spear of strength

Isa – strong willed

Elfrida – elf powerful

Jaiyana – strength

Karleen – womanly strength

Carla – one who possesses strength

Valerie – strong/brave

Bree – strength/ an exalted one

All the best as you select a name and mold your baby into a strong man or woman.


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