What your favourite chocolate says about your love life

Sometimes, preference isn't all about the taste buds.

Preference isn't always about your taste buds.

1. Milk chocolate fan

You are predictable and very reliable. Instead of trying out something new, you’d rather play safe and stick to the most common and sure kind of choco bar. Same thing to your relationships. Cheating is out of the question.

2. Caramel lovers

You enjoy treating yourself to the finer things in life. You can be selfish when you need to be and talk you’re self out of any kind of tedious responsibility without leaving the other person feeling cheated. Nothing makes you happier than lavishing your partner with gifts. Only, you'd by yourself one too while at it.

3. Mint chocolate

Eating mint has been closely related to eating yummy toothpaste. We think not! People who like mint are usually adventurous and don’t mind pushing themselves to the limit.  You don't limit your dating life to a certain kind of man but you also don't want a push over.

4. Mars bar

Like your chocolate bar, you only date when he's in it for the long run. You believe that true love waits, you know the way you won't pick a Bounty bar instead?

5. Whole nut bar

Talk about being extra. You'll only be content if he manages to sweep you off your feet. He has to pull all the stops to win your heart. Whole nut chocolate lovers live for the extras in life. You probably don't mind coughing a few thousands for a meal.

6. Fruits and Nuts Bar

Ahh, the fit potato. You mostly get picked up at the gym. You believe a good meal consists of raw tomatoes and celery and heck, you're probably vegetarian

7. Coconut chocolate

To hell with the expensive stuff, you just want your coconut flavoured bar. You don't consider financial stability when picking a guy. You'd much prefer someone who makes you laugh and happy.

Now that you know, you can continue your snack attack in peace. No criteria was used to compile this information.


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