7 tips to have a perfect wedding during the cold season

Here are tips every couple can use to have a perfect wedding even when the weather is not so good.


Couples always pray for a good weather though things at times may not turn out the way they dreamt of.

1. Indoors

For safety make sure that your wedding ceremony is conducted indoors.

However, in case you still want to have that garden wedding ensure you have a to run to option B (indoor space), if the weather changes drastically.

2. Dress code

You will want to be warm if your wedding is going to land during the cold season.

A bride could use a long sleeved gown and the bridesmaids can have dresses that cover them well. You could also throw in a shawl for your ladies.

For the men, they can use materials such as velvet to make their suits, as this will keep them warm.

3. Shoes

Brides, please have an extra pair of shoes (flat ones), which will help you move around easily when you go for out for a photo shoot.

Flat shoes will help you avoid the stress that comes with digging the ground with your heels.

4. Umbrellas

Get umbrellas on standby just in case it starts to rain and the couple is outside.

You definitely do not want to be all wet on your grand day.

5. Tea

Provide a cup of tea or hot chocolate for your guest to keep the warm.

This will be much appreciated for sure!

6. Pretty shawls

As a gift to your guests (especially ladies), you can give them colorful shawls to use in case someone did not dress warmly.

7. Keep in mind traffic

We all know how a little rain can ruin everything, especially in Nairobi.

Keep in mind delays that could be caused by bad weather as you lay down your wedding schedule.

There you go, future husbands and wives…have a beautiful wedding.


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