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4 fun & safe cardio routines during pregnancy

Stay active and have a blast during pregnancy with these 4 fun and safe cardio routines designed to keep you and your baby healthy

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Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is essential for both the expecting mother and the developing baby.

Engaging in appropriate cardio workouts can be a great way to improve cardiovascular health, boost mood, manage weight, and increase overall well-being.

However, when it comes to cardio exercises during pregnancy, safety is of utmost importance.


Staying active during pregnancy has never been more convenient and accessible than with the simple yet effective exercise of walking.

From supporting your well-being throughout the entire pregnancy journey to potentially aiding in the labor process, walking offers a versatile and stress-free way to stay fit and healthy for expectant mothers.

So, put on your comfy sneakers and enjoy the benefits of this pregnancy-friendly workout at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.


For seasoned runners eager to keep up their pace during pregnancy, it's essential to seek approval from a healthcare professional first.

With the green light, maintaining your running routine can be achievable, but it's crucial to exercise caution and moderation.

Opt for level terrain or a treadmill to reduce impact and minimize the risk of injury, especially with the increased strain on your joints and ligaments.


Remember, your body is undergoing significant changes, so listen to its signals and prioritise your well-being throughout this remarkable journey.

Low-impact aerobics and dance workouts like Zumba offer an excellent opportunity for beginners to boost their heart rate and experience the uplifting benefits of endorphins.

However, as your abdomen expands during pregnancy, it's crucial to steer clear of activities that demand careful balance to ensure your safety and comfort.

For seasoned athletes, it's vital to be attentive to your body's signals, avoid high-impact movements or jumps, and never push yourself to exhaustion.


If you're new to exercise, consider water aerobics, a gentle and ideal option tailored to expecting individuals.

Prioritise your well-being throughout this exciting journey, and remember that staying active in a way that suits your body is what truly matters.

For seasoned kickboxers who are expecting, it is possible to continue enjoying the sport with the green light from a healthcare practitioner.


However, it's essential to recognize that you might not be as agile or swift as before, so easing into the routine is crucial.

To ensure safety, maintain a distance of two lengths between you and other participants to avoid unintentional contact with your belly.

Informing everyone in the class about your pregnancy or joining a specialized class for expecting moms can create a supportive environment and cater to your unique needs.

Always prioritise your well-being and stay in tune with your body's cues during this empowering journey of staying active while pregnant.


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