7 things to keep in mind for a long lasting relationship

No matter how a relationship starts or ends, we learn a lesson every time and in every relationship we have had. Sometimes the lessons are thornier than we would like, but still.

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No relationship is perfect, in fact, you might change verbals or hurl objects aimed at each other’s skulls ever so often. But arguing doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed, though the frequency of your fights should be put in to consideration if you think it is too much.

Being happy is one thing, but knowing you have a solid, lasting relationship is something else entirely.

Here are some signs that say something about the strength of your union:

7. Communicate

Things you talk about- important things like life decisions, good/bad feeling, your future.

Choose the right time to talk- world won’t end if you wait an hour till you have the space to yourself and talk about what is bothering you, know what to say and where to say for effective communication more so on delicate subjects.

6. Compromise

Not only limited to dating, even in friendships, relationships are all about giving and taking. You cannot always give or always receive. There has to be a balance for it to work

“Love” won’t help you deal with issues, before you entered the relationship, you had your own ideologies and unique needs and personality, so find someone who understands you have your own identity and work on what to compromise, both of you.

5. Trust and forgiveness

These two are among the top most important part of a functional relationship, and it is vital that both of you are putting in an equal amount of effort. Don't leave room for doubts. If doubts rise, answer directly with not hiccups unless you really do have something to hide.

Learn to forgive, we are human at the end of the day, Ladies, choose battles, You cannot fight over everything, then at what point will you enjoy your relationship? Forgive and let go of things, you all can't still be discussing something that happened four months ago!

4. Self-identity

Women mostly are guilty of this. When we start dating, out boyfriend becomes our whole world. We ignore friends, we no longer do things that we love but now want to do things that he loves and forget ourselves.

Still searching for that man who stopped living his life and started living his girlfriend’s, who suddenly stopped watching football because you came to his life.

Keeping your friendships and hobbies going alongside your relationship will help keep you feeling good no matter what happens, you need a full personal life. Plus if it ends, you still have your pals to cry on.

3. They want to be in your life

No excuses, they make time for you. No matter how busy you are, for the thing you appreciate and love,we find time. A phone call, lunch etc. When I ay time I mean, you are physically and mentally there not on your phone.

2. Makes you feel good and happy

Even with no make-up and in pajama’s, you man can’t keep their hands off you cause of how beautiful you are. When on your periods, they don’t go missing.

Someone who respects you, who puts your feelings into considerations and doesn’t down play them.  Who is ready to own up to their mistakes and apologizes.

A night in with your partner surpasses you hanging out with your gals/boys.

1. And not forgetting

Your relationship is secure, no manipulations, you are intimate (far more than physical), your partner is your support system, your relationship is your safe haven, you don't have to hide your "true" self to be accepted and your partner is dependable.

All said and done, listen to your gut if you notice any red flag.

Don't forget to have fun dating!


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