This is what Roysambu Girls want in Bed...Also,this is their preferred sex styles

The city has become so sexualized, this town has become such a notorious den of hedonism and decadence, we're quickly becoming the next Bangkok. Complete with the weirdness and brasiness.

Hot Roysambu girl

Nairobi girls love them some steamy bedroom action. It's no secret - you see it all over the place, in the clubs, on Instagram, in their house parties, in the road trips, at sporting events, everywhere.

Nairobi girls have turned the city into a little Las Vegas where all that matters happens between the sheets - and is found between the legs.

Nairobi girls may share one common love for sex, but they differ when it comes to it's execution.

Buru Buru girls differ from Huruma girls when it comes to what they prefer in bed. How they like it. What styles they prefer and what techniques they apply when the curtains roll down.

Roysambu girls have their own fetishes. Ruaka girls like it differently and definitely, Githurai 45 girls have a particular way they want to be licked and touched.

And this week, we shall be exploring what different girls from different Nairobi neighborhoods  like in bed. And we shall start from Thika Road.

This is what Roysambu Girls want in Bed...Also,this is their most preferred sex style

Roysambu girls are half-urbane, half-ghetto lasses who occasionally live fast lives and at the same time, grapple with harsh economic times just like everybody else.

A Roysambu girl is most probably a student at USIU or some little, cramped semi-Campus along Thika Road.

They mostly live in poorly-lit bedsitters and crowded one-bedroomed houses that are littered along the Lumumba Drive.

These girls love to party - and party hard. And mostly, you'll find them crowded around shisha bongs at Natives Bar or at Sappe and Persia Lounges in TRM.

Party life for these girls starts early Friday. By 4pm, they're already gathering in their friend's houses for some wild pre-club binge drinking before finally hitting the club later on.

Just like many other girls, these girls are mostly freeloaders who will readily jump at any alcoholic invite by their male colleagues with whom they school.

And then it comes to the most important part of the night... The part where the panties get thrown around and erect stuff gets inserted into moist, wet openings.

Roysambu girls don't play when it comes to some steaminess. They have their work cut out and they are very vocal and categorical on what they want and how they want it.

First, Roysambu girls love to be licked. Deep in the coochie.

"Kulambwa ni lazima. He has to eat me out. Like groceries. That's a must for me.... I love it and it gives me pleasure. Also, it's the greatest stimulant I know. In fact, if you do it right, I might as well orgasm. So for me, he's got to go down on me. Either that or nothing..., "  says Sandra (not her real name) from Roysambu.

And they don't just like to be licked - it has to last for at least half an hour.

" If you're going to lick my coochie for just ten minutes, then I'd rather go wash utensils nigga... "  Sandra adds.

After that, Roysambu girls don't like their titties to be fondled. It turns them off and it sucks, sometimes.

It's either because they have tiny tits or because they're too drunk to care about that particular action.

Also, don't ask her to suck your D.

" We don't suck D's in Roysa... No one's got time for that, " Keila (not her real name) says." It's takes too much time, excites little passion for me, leaves the guy enjoying all the action alone and also, some dudes don't take personal hygiene very seriously. " adds Keila.

But whatever you do, you should never forget to kiss the Roysambu girl. And do it passionately and like you mean it.

These girls are suckers for a good deep kiss which offers a window into the explosive night of passion ahead.

Kiss her or nothing at all.

But when it comes to the main meal, the Roysambu girl is kinky. And definitely has taste.

The preferred sex style for the Nairobi girl is the Lap Dance

Yeah, right.

The Lap Dance style     Photo/ Cosmopolitan

In this position, she can not only kiss you while she's deep inside you but also get to sensually rub her erect nipples against your chest.

This style also allows her to stay on top for longer, throwing her head back, facing the ceiling, getting lost on the throes of passion while she grinds and thrusts that booty deeper and in circles, creating magical moments of pure ecstacy.

In this position, the Roysambu girl gets to harass you with the firm titties as you tactically push it as deep as you possibly can.

In the deepest moments of action...a Roysambu girl's best sex style

Also, she prefers it as it allows you to not just f**k the hell out of that pancake but also pleasure and tickle her clit all at the same time...I mean, its right there, firmly pressed against your torso, begging to be throbbed and twirled.

Also, it's great as it allows you to kiss her while in the process and also she gets to watch you react to the moment - she wants to watch you close your eyes, wince and make faces, moan and groan and watch you as your breathe gets lost in the burning fire.

This position also allows her to bounce up and down on you, either while facing you or away from you, her tits bouncing away in the air, creating an excellent mood for even more action.

Also, it's perfect for the Roysambu girl who has a significantly tighter p**sy than most of her whorish Nairobi compatriots.

In this position also, the Roysambu girl gets to look up the ceiling and have time to not only ride you like a garbage truck but also think of her many problems which include ; her exams, that stupid girl Susie, how will she get home, where will she get money and why didn't Marto call her last week.

This position is also great because it makes the guy last longer and not cum quick and because the Roysambu girl is mostly just a student who has nothing much to do and nowhere to go, it's a great style to help her waste time and hang around at your place longer.

                                              Nicki Minaj simulating the Lap Dance to rapper Drake

How to do it

The Lap Dance doesn't take too much effort to execute or even get prepped up for. All you need to do is find a tall-backed chair — such as one from your kitchen table or a desk — pad it with some pillows, and sit him down. Straddle his hardened member and lean back slightly, placing your hands on his knees. Extend your legs, one at a time, until each of your ankles is resting on one of his corresponding shoulders. Pump your booty back and forth at a speed that makes you moan. To supercharge your thrusting power, balance your weight between your ankles and your hands.

And boom, the room will be filled wit a shower of squrits.

You might wanna watch by Nicki Minaj to see how she straddles a besotted Drake.

Try it next time you're screwing a Roysa chiquitta.

Just remember to wear protection... They can be a little loose, these ones.


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