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Scores rushed to hospital in suspected Anthrax outbreak

At least 18 currently admitted in hospital after exhibiting signs of infection with the deadly bacteria

File image of individuals showing symptoms of anthrax taken to hospital in an ambulance

Several people have been rushed to hospital in what is suspected to be an outbreak on Anthrax.

According to Daily Nation, the 18 people from Emotit village in Sotik, Bomet county were rushed to hospital after exhibiting signs lined to the deadly anthrax bacteria.

Reports indicate that the individuals are suspected to have contracted the bacteria after coming into contact with carcasses of four cows believed to have succumbed to the bacteria.

“The villagers were brought to the hospital in the morning and are currently undergoing treatment and observation," a doctor at Kapkatet Hospital where the individuals were rushed for treatment disclosed.


Bomet County disaster management officer Stanley Mutai, confirmed the suspected outbreak and clarified that no reports of anyone consuming meat from the four cows suspected to have died from the dangerous bacteria.

“The victims who slaughtered the carcass and buried it, have developed blisters on various parts of their bodies as a result. So far, there is no report of anyone having feasted on the carcass,” Mutai said.

According to the director of veterinary in Bomet County government, Dr. Wilson Serem, samples of the carcas have been taken for further analysis.

“The specimen has been taken to Regional Veterinary Investigations Laboratory in Kericho County and the results are expected within the next 24 hours. It will confirm whether the suspected case is that of anthrax or not,” Serem announced.


“Vaccination of animals in the area will be carried out as a precautionary measure as the said cases of infection had not been reported to the veterinary department when the animals died”.

Anthrax is caused by bacillus anthracis bacterium and mostly affects livestock, wild animals as well as humans. It can kill within 24 hours.

In humans, the signs include severe abdominal and chest pains, headaches, diarrhoea, vomiting and deaths.


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