Former Cabinet Minister Simeon Nyachae who passed away on February 1, 2021 had six known wives in his lifetime.

Nyachae's first two wives Esther Nyaboke and Druscilla Kerubo are deceased.

Nyaboke is said to have birthed several daughters and two sons while Kerubo died shortly after giving birth to Nyachae's daughter Mary.

The third known wife of the powerful Gusii leader, Martha Mwango, is the mother to the most known children of the Nyachae family.

Martha bore Nyachae 5 sons:- Charles Nyachae, Noah, Ndemo, Kenneth Bitange, Mike and Nyandusi, among other children.

Charles Nyachae is currently a judge at the East Africa Court of Justice.

Nyachae's fourth and fifth wives are Sylvia who bore him three sons and Grace Wamuyu who partly owns Credit Bank with the former Minister.

Simeon Nyachae's last days

According to reports, Mr Nyachae only gave up his children's birth and academic certificates a few days before he passed on.

The former Minister is said to have closely guarded the documents during his lifetime.