The United Nations Secretary-General and former Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Guterres is coming to Kenya tomorrow.

The Sunday visit is meant for talks amongst leaders on regional issues, including peace for war torn South Sudan and militant rocked Somalia, his spokesman said on Friday.

Currently, South Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and some parts of Kenya (over 2.7 million people) are facing starvation and hunger due to the ongoing drought.

Weather experts warned that the rains may take longer than expected to resume, owing to the change in the climate and the El Nino phenomenon that hit the region last year.

Somalia is critically facing the threat of a famine while parts of northern South Sudan are already suffering from starvation, a recent UN report says.


Kenya has been a key player in the cementing of peace in her neighboring Somalia and has already agreed to send troops to Somalia to neutralize the effects of the militant  group al Shabaab.

Guterres, who took the UN helm in January, is pushing for a new strategy to end South Sudan's three-year war.

Continent of hope

Earlier when speaking in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa, Guterres said that he views Africa as a Continent of Hope, pledging his support in mitigating some acute problems.

“I am committed to building on those strengths and establishing a higher platform of cooperation between the United Nations and the leaders and people of Africa,” Guterres said.

He added: “This is essential to advancing inclusive and sustainable development and deepening cooperation for peace and security.”