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Barack Obama’s zero-chills reply to brother Malik’s request for money a lesson for nagging relatives

Barack is tired!

Barack Obama’s reply to brother Malik Obama's request for money a lesson for  nagging relatives

Former US President Barack Obama recently purchased a Sh1.5 billion beach front holiday home in the exclusive island – Martha’s Island.

While such an accomplishment would be celebrated by his family and friends, it was not the case for his spiteful and controversial older brother Malik Obama.

Malik used Barack’s accomplishment to further taint his image and expose the family’s dirty linen in public.

The older brother tweeted that his brother was extremely stingy, claiming the former President had recently told him he was broke after requesting for cash.


Malik went as far as to suggest that his younger brother owed him help on account of his personal success.

A rising tide lifts all boats but not in @BarackObama 's case. Buys a $15 million home and tells me to my face that he's broke. Slick as shit folks,” the controversial Obama tweeted.

To understand where Barack was coming from, you would need to look back at Malik’s record of discrediting his brother.

In the past four years, Malik has made disparaging remarks against his successful brother – including attacking his sister-in-law Michelle Obama.


“I wonder if he is even my brother. He was my best man but Michelle made me sleep in a hotel,” he said in the past, even challenging Barack to take a DNA test.

Malik also supported his brother’s political rival, Donald Trump, in what appeared to be a spite to his brother.

Donald Trump has done more for me and America than my brother. I was his best man but he has abandoned me. He has abandoned all of us,” he said.

Yet Malik had the guts to borrow money from his brother and get mad when his request was turned down.

We have to credit Barack for never replying to Malik, even when his wife Michelle was dragged into the messy attacks.


The former US President’s reply to Malik, if true, is also a lesson for relatives who feel entitled to their kin’s wealth or fortunes.

While Africans have the Ubuntu spirit of rising together, that does not mean sitting pretty and waiting for handouts from a successful relative.

It also does not allow you to hate and besmirch the character of your successful relatives when they do not send as much resources as you would wish. 


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