New national holiday Kenyans will celebrate if BBI is passed

BBI report to be unveiled to the public today

BBI Report proposes National Culture Day as a national holiday to celebrate identity and make Kenyans comfortable in their black skin

Kenyans are likely to have a new national holiday if and when the recommendations in the BBI Report are implemented.

Among the issues dealt with in the nine-point agenda that was given to the BBI task force was to address the lack of national ethos that unite Kenyans.

The task force made a number of recommendations including the creation of a national holiday to celebrate Kenyan culture. The date proposed are Boxing Day (26th December) or January 1st (New Year's Day).

Both days have been observed as public holidays and the BBI team appeared keen to avoid creating another holiday than already exists.

"Replace Boxing Day on 26th December with a National Culture Day for celebrating culture and learning about other Kenyans’ cultures (this could also be done on 1st January)," the BBI report read in part.

The team said the proposal was among several others aimed at making Kenyans proud of their African identity and be comfortable in their black skin.

Another proposal was for the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to work with counties to promote local cultures and identities.

"Strengthen the Ministry of Culture and Heritage to build and promote cultural policies that are linked to the Counties’ promotion of cultural activities. The Ministry should also be able to do more to document, protect, and promote ancient and historical monuments of national importance," it said.

The report was on Tuesday handed over to President Uhuru Kenyatta ahead of today's public unveiling at the Bomas of Kenya.


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