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Won’t allow churches to consume children’s blood in Satanic worship- Khalwale after Kakamega Stampede

Stop renting schools to questionable churches- Khalwale after Kakamega Primary tragedy

Politicians Dr Boni Khalwale at Kakamega hospital following school stampede

Politician Boni Khalwale made wild claims that a church might have played a role in the death of 14 pupils at Kakamega Primary School.

Speaking during a meeting at the school on Tuesday, Khalwale warned the Education Ministry to stop churches from hiring learning institutions to hold their Sunday service there.

He asked Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha to prevail upon the head-master of Kakamega Primary school for allowing churches to rent the premise on Sundays.

"Kakamega Primary School is rented out to churches every Sunday. I am now asking the minister to ban church activities within the school," Khalwale told CS Magoha.


Churches using schools for Sunday service

"Why am I saying so? You know that there are churches which are of questionable practice, especially how they deal with our children,” he added.

According to the former Kakamega Senator, he found it questionable as a medical practitioner that there was no blood after the stampede and further warned churches who 'sacrifice them through Satanic worship'.

"I am a doctor of medicine, and I am telling you that all the 14 children who died, none had wounds oozing fresh blood," Khalwale said.


"We want the minister to know that we won’t allow anybody, including the church, to consume our children’s blood, and sacrifice them through Satanic worship,” he added.

Leaders warn Khalwale

His allegations were termed as insensitive by leaders who were in attendance as they took the opportunity and asked the former Senator to bear in mind there were families who were grieving the loss of young souls.

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala asked Khalwale to be sensitive and refrain from being political adding that he was disappointed with the remarks from his predecessor.


"Khalwale, this is not the time to speculate and politick on [the possible cause of] our children’s deaths, it is time to pray with the community. Don’t point an accusing finger at the Church," Malala stated.


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