Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha and KNUT secretary general Wilson Sossion have clashed over the new curriculum.

On Thursday, Sossion directed teachers revert to the old curriculum saying that the new Competency Based Curriculum was meant to 'kill' public schools.

The union head expressed strong opposition to the initiative and urged teachers to boycott it, terming it a violation of the law.

The needs assessment was poorly done and therefore it cannot guide this country. Summative evaluation is key in curriculum development what Prof Magoha presided over at KICD yesterday is unheard off and has never been witnessed anywhere in the world,” Sossion said.

KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion
KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion

Declined in other countries

Sossion noted that countries like the United Kingdom had declined to adopt the CBC and the USA teacher turned down the program terming it as a business interest by people who want to mess up public education.

The UK has declined it… it’s a proposition of business interests who want to mess up public education and promote the privatization,” Sossion argued.

Private school owners are purporting they are ready because they know public schools don’t have the infrastructure to drive CBC neither do they have personnel or even classrooms,” he added.

Unstoppable rollout

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha
Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha

On Wednesday, Prof Magoha stated that the roll-out of the CBC was unstoppable and revealed that so far, 12 million books have been distributed to schools.

Speaking during the launch of a new curriculum policy, Magoha stated that the implementation of the new curriculum is his utmost priority.

He further downplayed critics of the curriculum including the Kenya National Union of Teachers saying it will benefit all students.

The new curriculum policy details how the ministry will ensure proper implementation of the new curriculum.