Water Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki has been summoned over a Sh7.7 million expenditure during her tenure at the Public Service docket.

According to a report by the Auditor General, CS Kariuki diverted an National Youth Service (NYS) chopper for a personal errand.

The National Assembly Public Accounts Committee has summoned the CS to explain the multi-million expenditure in the Public Service Ministry's 2018/2019 books.

A further Sh2.3 million for mobile toilets hired during a separate incident was also flagged by the Auditor General.

"This matter of hiring toilets as we can clearly see is a litany of irregularities, illegalities and impunity by the then CS yet this was her private meeting.

"With this, it goes down without saying that Sicily Kariuki who was responsible for the hiring of the toilets is the same CS who used the helicopter for a detour to Windsor hotel," PAC Chairperson Opiyo Wandayi stated.