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Unforgiving Kenyans are not buying Itumbi's apology after spreading fake news of DP Ruto's wife


Dennis Itumbi with Rachel Ruto

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have questioned Dennis Itumbi’s apology after being exposed for peddling fake news about DP William Ruto’s Wife Rachel Ruto.

On Wednesday, Itumbi, who is the secretary digital, innovations and diaspora communication in the office of the President, became a source of fake news after sharing images alleging that Dp Ruto’s wife Rachael was in Turkana donating foodstuffs to drought victims.

A scrutiny done by Kenyans, revealed that the images shared by Itumbi were file photos from a past charity exercise, five years ago.

Following the expose, Itumbi was forced to issue an apology stating that he relied on unverified images, but Kenyans were not convinced enough with his explanation, many calling him out to refrain from peddling fake news.


“I apologize for images I shared here earlier. Mama Rachel Ruto was not in Turkana I relied on unverified images. This was my mistake and I am sorry. I have since deleted them. May the record reflect the true position and my apology too. Jioni poa.” Wrote Itumbi.

Many questioned how a person, who could easily get the itinerary for Rachel ended up sharing fake photos, considering Itumbi is the champion of #Systemyafacts where he verifies everything before distributing on social media platforms.

A section wondered what could have been the motive of sharing the same photos.

Reactions from KOT


Wycliffe Odanga wrote “Hahahaha your apology does not sound genuine and never will the you are an embarrassment to the whole country sio lazma you tweet if you have nothing to tweet about even fools who keep quiet are considered wise in the midst of wise men.”

Vincent Jared “sema tu you hadn't counted on people finding those images. Unatubeba aje wewe”

Track the corrupt “You're sorry you got caught. - The Plan was simple, DPee Ruto announces Govt.t has released 2.2Billion for Turkana & Baringo - Use his wife & old pics to say 'Mnaona tumepeleka chakula Turkana/Baringo - Pocket Ksh2.2Billion while our fellow Kenyans continue dying! #MTAKOMA!”

Clive “Itumbi don't dance on people's graves for your stupid personal gains, u take Kenyans as fools just to score ur interests, play ur league well, we know ur the master of fake news. People are dying from hunger but ur making jokes out of it, the thunder is coming”


Maisiba Dennoh “Wewe na akili zako, mtu atadonate aje omo mahali kuna njaa?? Ama wanaenda kuosha njaa??”

Eddie Marsh “We might be POOR BUT WE ARE NOT FOOLS!! playing politics with hunger,,”

Fredrick Kirui “Lakini bro all this energy you have with other people’s business if harnessed well you can be useful to yourself! Sycophancy will not take you anywhere bro!”

Deputy President's spokesman


 In the photos, Rachael was seen posing alongside several trucks of foodstuffs and purported to have been in Turkana where thousands of residents are reported to be at the risk of death after prolonged hunger caused by a drought affecting more than ten counties.

Earlier on Deputy President's spokesman David Mugonyi, admitted that the images were fake as Mrs Ruto had not visited Turkana on Wednesday for food donations, as per Itumbi’s post.

Following the incident, the second lady joins a list of high-profile people and organisations that have been caught up in fake news - a propaganda campaign that deliberately spreads disinformation or hoaxes and has particularly grown in the era of social media.

Itumbi's Tweet


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