Wamalwa’s children barely surviving, daughter drops out of school as CS is drawn into the mix

Family going through the tough of times

Eugene Wamalwa (centre) and Yvonne Wamalwa, widow of the late Vice President Kijana Wamalwa, during the late VP's memorial ceremony in 2015

Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has been caught up in a tussle over former Vice President Kijana Wamalwa’s estate with reports indicating that the orphans are barely surviving with Wamalwa’s youngest daughter dropping out of school.

Two of the late Kijana Wamalwa's children, Michelle Wamalwa and Duke Mboya, have alleged that the powerful CS has connived with other members of the family to dethrone them from their father’s estate.

According to the two, they have been through the toughest of times and are barely surviving with Michelle dropping out of school a year ago.

Speaking to Citizen TV, Michelle revealed that their troubles began shortly after Wamalwa passed on in 2003.

"As soon as dad passed away, it was basically downhill from there. Because [sic] dad was not there anymore, they pounced on us and tried to take advantage of us," Michele revealed.

“The people who fighting against us are extremely influential and respected, they are on TV every day with the President or the Deputy President” Duke revealed.

“This is not a plea for money or financial aid, it is almost a plea to be left alone,” he added.

The siblings revealed that not much help has been forthcoming despite people advising them to seek help from the devolution CS.

Michelle revealed “If you want to continue with school… If you want food, then sell the house,” is the answer she constantly receives.

"If he(CS Wamalwa) was helping me honestly would I be here,?" Duke added.

They further revealed that numerous court injunctions have left them unable to access the assets and finances left by their parents with relatives who are demanding a piece of the cake.

At the center of the dispute are Wamalwa’s six children, four from different mothers all keen on getting a share of what was bequeathed to them 15 years after Wamalwa’s death.

Government promises to educate Wamalwa’s children

Kijana Wamalwa wedded Yvone Nambia in 2003 in a lavish wedding but passed on a few months later.

Yvone passed on in 2017 with DP Ruto who attended the funeral stating that the government would see to it that the children complete their studies.

"In regards to Yvonne's kids, the Government has promised to take care of their education, we were told that some of them are in school and we decided to provide an easier war for them to study.

We have also agreed to give Yvonne's sister a job so that she stays there as she takes care of the children," DP Ruto said at the funeral.


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