3 Reasons Uhuru should not trust IEBC boss Chebukati, Mutahi Ngunyi

Raila is executing a scheme with Chebukati


In his analysis titled Sabotage in NASA: Kalonzo Fixing Raila, Mr Ngunyi gave three reasons theorising why Chebukati should not be trusted.

Firstly the political scientist opines that Chebukati was the creation of ODM party leader Raila Odinga, in a bid to favour him during the August 8 General Election.

According to Ngunyi, Odinga plotted the appointment of the IEBC boss in 2016 when he staged countrywide demonstrations to ouster the previous commission led by Issack Hassan.

"We will submit that the Chebukati IEBC was made by Raila. If Raila had not staged violent mass action resulting in a number of deaths. The Chebukati IEBC would not have been born. Chebukati and Chiloba are therefore a creation of Raila," the analyst submits.

The analyst further claims that: "Raila did not want changes in IEBC because the Hassan IEBC was just fine. In fact, the country was more comfortable with the Hassan Commission compared to this Chebukati thing. Raila wanted the Commission changed in order to create confusion".

Secondly, Ngunyi mentions that Chebukati cannot be trusted because he was previously affiliated with Odinga's ODM party.

He interrogates when his loyalty to the Opposition came to an end and became a neutral party.

"If Chebuakati was an ODM candidate at some point when did this ODMness disappear? When did he become neutral? Was it the day they appointed him as ODM chair?" the analyst poses.

Thirdly, the professor firmly states that President Kenyatta should not trust the IEBC chair because of his alleged regular meetings with the Former Prime Minister.

"Uhuru must not trust Chebukati and his wailing system. He must also entertain the thought that Raila and Chebukati talk regularly. In fact, he should entertain the thought that the two are executing a scheme. If Raila is attacking IEBC, therefore, the attacks are a decoy. Raila is doing this to divert attention from a scheme he is executing with Chebukati".

Mr Ngunyi warns the Head of State to refrain from supporting Chebukati and the Commission but should instead abuse them once in a while.


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