Jaguar gets major boost in his campaign

After getting the Jubilee ticket, Jaguar receive this major boost for his campaign

Starehe Parliamentary aspirant Charles Kanyi Njagua popularly known as Jaguar on Thursday received a major boost ahead of his campaigns that will see him on the ballot box come August 8 General Election.

The musician will not have to compete with incumbent MP William Kamanda, who today conceded defeat and promised to support him.

Kamanda assured Jaguar that he would not run as an independent candidate butbremain in Jubilee and offer him a hand.

The veteran politician insisted that he won the controversial Jubilee primaries which Jaguar complained had been rigged.

“I will support Jaguar, but that doesn’t mean that I lost the nominations. It is only that the nominations exercise was a sham as the party register was not used,” he mentioned.

Kamanda added that there were forces in Jubilee spearheading the election of young people.

“The person who won was Maina Kamanda, even if you look at the tallying. I was declared winner by the Returning Officer but there are forces who think that the young people can attract more votes that the old. But we will see,” Kamanda mentioned.

He blamed Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju of the sham elections.

On Wednesday the Jubilee Tribunal declared Jaguar as the winner and handed him the Jubilee ticket.

In a letter, the Tribunal stated: The Tribunal hereby overturns the results as declared by the Returning Officer Starehe Constituency declaring Hon. William Maina Kamanda as the winner and declares Charles Njagua Kanyi as the winner and candidate of Jubilee Party Member of Starehe".

At the same time, ex-Kamukunji MP Simon Mbugua also relinquished his Jubilee nomination certificate to MP Yusuf Hassan highlighting that the move was made after serious consultations.


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